For all you British sports people, you know this term means to try to psychologically destroy the mindset of your opponent by using verbal tactics.

The best athletes ignore the noise, focus and concentrate on what’s at hand.

This reminds me of what gold and silver investors have gone through the last 2 years.

It has been an extremely testing time for all people invested in gold and silver.  It is not abnormal to question asset allocation and weighting of your portfolio in this type of lower market.

Just like the elite athletes, the ones who will prevail are the ones who remain logical and make smart decisions.

You must remember the reasons you bought gold and silver.  Tw of the most prominent reasons to buy and hold gold  and silver are:

-      The developed world deficits are astounding, it could take decades to reduce them

-      The global currency wars are rampant, as paper currencies get devalued, gold and silver will rise