Our promise to you

Value, Service, Privacy and Reliability—these are the four promises we make to you.


1. Value


It's a promise. We provide value, we offer a huge selection of product and we believe in the value of holding precious metals just like you do.  Our prices are very competitive and we try to pass on any cost savings to you as the customer.  We are always trying to add value to your experience.


2. Reliability 


We audit all our products, we ship in a  timely manner, we video tape every package that leaves our facility. This is all in the name of you-the customer-trusting our experience to be reliable.


3. Service


The precious metals market can be very hectic at times.  We try our very best to provide exceptional services.  Whether it be explaining different payment options, our commitment to privacy or the value in different in different inventory items--we always try to be there for you.


4. Privacy


Here at Canadian Bullion, we respect your privacy.  From the way we discreetly package our inventory to the way we keep all your information strictly confidential—respecting your privacy is of the utmost importance.