The Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) unveiled this month, the 2017 circulated Canadian coins designs in celebration of Canada’s 150th Anniversary.

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Canada's 150th Anniversary Coins Unveiled

In March 2015, the Royal Canadian Mint (RCM) hosted a national competition, My Canada, My Inspiration, calling designers to create new designs for Canada’s five circulated coins within five categories: Our Wonders, Our Character, Our Achievements, Our Passions, and Canada’s Future. Canadians voted for their favorite finalist in September 2015, and on November second this year, the unveiling ceremonies took place in each winner’s home-town.

2017 five cent design – Our Passions

Designed by Gerald Gloade, the 2017 five cents will still feature the Canadian beaver, but will depict the beaver swimming under water instead. Gloade told RCM that he always treasured the Alex Colville-designed set of centennial coins he received as a young boy, and this and his Mi'kmaw heritage inspired him to re-imagine the beaver of the traditional five-cent coin through the eyes of his very own First Nations culture. He named this design Living Traditions.

2017 ten cent design – Our Character

The 2017 ten cents design named Wings of Peace, was designed by Amy Choi depicting a maple leaf as the wings of a dove. Choi told RCM that her design expresses hope that one day the offering of the maple leaf can be a symbol of peace, just like the offering of an olive branch.

2017 twenty-five cent design – Canada’s Future

Designed, by one of the youngest contestants, the 2017 twenty-five cents design illustrates how Canadians are all connected in protecting its nature. At the time of the contest, the young designer – Joelle Wong, was only eight years old, and with the help of her teacher researched Canadian wildlife and indigenous art techniques to develop her design. This illustration depicts her hope of Canada’s future and the importance of our nature and our Native Canadian Culture.

2017 Loonie design – Our Achievements

Designed by Wesley Klassen, the 2017 Loonie design features iconic Canadian engineering achievements such as Lion’s Gate Bridge, a prairie grain elevator, the CN Tower, Quebec City’s majestic Chateau Frontenac Hotel and an East Coast lighthouse. Klassen told RCM that he chose images that are in one way or another connected to the railroad.

2017 Toonie design – Our Wonders

The 2017 toonie design called Dance of the Spirits, was designed by Dr. Timothy Hsia depicting the northern lights. Dr. Hsia told RCM that the northern lights, in his opinion, embodies Canada’s unity and beauty.

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