CBMap™ Accumulation Program

CBMAP Accumulation Program


CBMAP Accumulation Program enables clients to buy precious metals on a recurring basis at a fixed dollar amount. This program enables clients to acquire precious metals on a monthly basis and at the same time help to save on shipping fees.


How do I get started on the Accumulation Program?

•           Complete and submit the Accumulation Program Enrolment Form. Include the following information:

•           The dollar amount you want to pre-set your purchases with every month. (For now only monthly available.)

•           The type of precious metal you would like to acquire. (Currently,  1 oz. silver maple leafs coins are available. We welcome you to fill out oursurveys, and we will add the most popular products to the program

•           Review, sign and submit Canadian Bullion CBMAP accumulation program Account Agreement.


How does the Accumulation Program work?

•           Purchases are made on the last Monday of every month based upon the frequency indicated in the Enrolment Form.

•           On scheduled acquisition dates, we will purchase silver maples on your behalf in bulk in order and pass on the cost savings to you


What’s the limitation?

The minimum amount with accumulation program will be $100 Canadian.

Only Canadian dollars are limited to the is program.


What type of precious metals can I acquire?

  • Silver maple leaf coins
  • The accumulation products will be changed based on the clients’ preference in the program. We will have surveys sending to everyone in the program to find out which product you like the most.


What are the costs of the Accumulation Program?

  • Storage fees. Everything been storage more than 3 month, there will be storage fees and the fee is 0.5%/month of your precious metal value. It will be auto charged monthly and you could check it in your account, which says storage services. Please see our Account Agreement for full details regarding the terms of storage and fees charged. 
  • Shipping fees.


When do I receive delivery of my metals purchased?

    • We could ship every 3 months if you want to safe for the shipping fees. If the orders are more than $5000, it will be free shipping. The total amount between $2500- $5000 will be $10 shipping fee and orders under $2500 will be $20 shipping fee.
    • You can have them shipped to you after every purchase with the shipping fee paid. After we put the order for you, in 5-7 business days after we receive the shipping fee, your product will be shipped out to your chosen address.

Please sign up if you want to join the Accumulation Program (click to sign up)