Silver is one of the top demanded metals with diversified usages. With many unique properties, silver has more usage than gold, and is primarily used for industrial purposes. This week we highlight the top 5 common uses of silver in no particular order.

1.     Electrical and Electronics

We all own something electrical or an electronic with a piece of silver in it. Silver holds an excellent electrical conductivity, making it the number one choice for electronics or anything electrical such as printed circuit boards, switches, TV screens, telephones, microwave ovens, children’s toys and computer keyboards. This metal is highly reliable and durable for many cycles.

2.     Jewelry and Silverware

Being an attractive, reflective and moldable metal, silver is used in jewelry and silverware. It is the cheaper alternative to its sister metal gold and it resists oxidation and corrosion. Silver still can be tarnished, but a little polish allows it to shine for a lifetime.

3.     Photography

Silver has been used in photography for centuries, due its light sensitivity. Traditional photography uses film covered in silver halide crystals which set when exposed to light creating a vivid picture. Its accuracy allows silver to be used in non-digital consumer photography, traditional film, and X-rays.

4.     Antibacterial

For centuries, many people have used silver vessels to store water, wine and vinegar to ensure freshness, but did not why silver worked. It was recently discovered that silver ions absorb oxygen, which kills bacteria. It is also non-toxic which makes it the perfect agent for water purification, bandages, dental hygiene and even eye drops.

5.     Coins, Rounds and Bullion

The main reason many invest into pure metal is for future investments or as a safe haven. The best way to get your hands on the pure metal for such purposes is the form of coins, rounds or bullion bars. Silver coins are great for collectors. They are a great way to invest in something iconic, traditional or rare. Rounds are great for collectors who also want to something for future investment purposes. They are the closest thing to the market price and are still considered a collectors’ item. Silver bullion bars are great for storage as they are easier to stack and takes up less space.

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