After a major Brexit, the future of gold prices became uncertain, which sent it on a rollercoaster this week. Many investors saw the uncertainty and bought gold as a safe haven, which lead to a 52-week high of 1,364.90 USD/oz. on July 6th. Gold became a strong competitor on a 2-year high, but the gold price started to fall last week Friday, and took a major dip on Tuesday with a low of 1,050.80 USD/oz. Since then, the gold price slowly crawled back up to 1342.57 USD/oz. on Wednesday July 15, 2016. The gold price today is 1328.43 USD/oz.

Why you should invest in gold now?

While the markets seem uncertain for now, many analysts predict that the gold price will continue to rise. Many fear a financial crises and are making strategic moves to invest into gold bullions.

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