10 years ago, three individuals went to seek opportunity to make a fortune. In a small town, they found a large, sweet apple orchard. This high-quality apples were very cheap. The first person looked at these apples and thought he could buy the apples at the orchard and resell them at a higher price back in town. He decided to buy 10 tons of apples and became the first millionaire in his hometown! The second individual thought for a moment and he made a different choice. He spent half of his money to buy apples and for the other half to buy growing apple trees, After several years he owned his own apple orchard! The third guy walked around the apple orchard and thought to himself: How are these apples so sweet?” After few days, he bought some soil from the orchard and went back into town. He asked experts to analyze the various components of the soil and did experiments to get the same humidity, air temperature and lighting as the apple orchard he visited in that small town. He then started planting apple trees with the ideal growing conditions and became the biggest apple farmer in the country. Same chances with different choices-- produce different results. The first person to earn doesn’t necessarily do the best. Likely, those who have long term plans earn the most wealth!