The Perth Mint rebounded from a two-month low last month as it sold over a million ounces for the sixth time this year. This a drastic increase of 174.1% for silver bullion coin sales and 300.5% for gold bullion bars and coin sales.

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Perth Mint Gold and Silver Sales Rebound

The year started off great for the Australian Mint with 1,473,408 ounces of silver and 47,759 ounces of gold sold in the first month. But by July, sales started to decline as the mint only sold 693,447 ounces of silver and 16,870 ounces of gold that month, and only 376,461 ounces of silver and 14,684 ounces of gold in August. By September, the mint had a drastic turn around as it sold 1,031,858 ounces of silver and 58,811 ounces of gold for the month. It is believed that the rise occurred along side the gold and silver price rise last month and the introduction of the Australian Lunar Gold and Silver Coin Series II – 2017 Year of the Rooster. The Perth Mint stated that the strong wholesale orders reflect the popularity of the series throughout the mint’s key markets from China to North America.

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