Time To Buy Gold And Silver: November Shows Historical Strength

What does gold and silver hold in store for us in November? Using historical analysis of commodities can often show seasonal patterns that can be used to understand market trends. The following article will examine if there are any significant historical trends to pay attention to in gold and silver that would be key to traders and investors while understanding how these trends can play a part in the fundamental landscape of commodities. At the end of the article, we will try to gather the information into some trade-able plays.

Right now, the main driver of gold has been currencies rather than safe haven hedging. With that said, when the dollar strengthens it hurts gold, so what the market needs is something to drop the dollar or some type of “free money” incentive like QE. We don’t expect any more QE any time soon, but what could be a driver would be the Euro strengthening on a European bailout of Spain or other major action. Something like that could be around the corner and seems likely by the end of November, which would drive up gold prices.