Canadian Bullion Services Introduces New Features to its Website

Toronto, ON

Canadian Bullion Services is proud to introduce its new charting service to its homepage after receiving some interest from clients.

As part of the company’s continual pursuit of providing superior customer service, Canadian Bullion Services has included a customizable chart to its homepage - - for current and prospective clients’ use.

The chart (seen below) offers customizable options to match your specific investment interests. You can choose from your preferred metals – gold, silver, platinum or palladium – and adjust the time period, over which you will see the closing price and corresponding date for that specific metal. This real time charting tool will help you to make better investment decisions regarding when to buy and sell your precious metals.

This easy-to-use, customizable tool is just one example of how Canadian Bullion Services strives to improve its client’s experience and is open to new ideas.