Canadian Bullion Services gives back to the community through the donation of RCM silver coins to the Memory Loss Foundation Charity.

Toronto, ON

Canadian Bullion Services donates RCM silver coins in support of the inauguration event of the Memory Loss Foundation Charity.

Canadian Bullion Services, a precious metals dealer based in Toronto, gives back to the community during the inauguration of the Memory Loss Foundation Charity. The Memory Loss Foundation is a charity to hep underprivileged seniors suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s.

The silver coins were donated as gifts to attendees of the inauguration to encourage people to give back to the foundation in hopes of raising more funds for this meaningful cause.

 Canadian Bullion Services works alongside with The Memory Loss Foundation to provide a better quality of life for underprivileged seniors with Alzheimer’s, which is a no cure disease.

About Canadian Bullion Services

Canadian Bullion Services is a precious metals dealer located in downtown Toronto.  Its management has more than 50 years of financial services experience and one most respected names in the industry. Its superior customer service and competitive pricing is what places it among the top precious metals dealers in Canada.

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