The Richmond Hill Country Club struck gold by hosting the Canadian Bullion Services seminar

Toronto, Ontario – July 10, 2012 – With the prices of gold and silver becoming more and more attractive, ownership these two metals has become lucrative position. Canadian Bullion Services’ recent seminar entitled “Why You Must Own Gold and Silver Today” at the Richmond Hill Country Club addressed just that.

This free seminar addressed concerns about recent economic downturns and how to protect yourself against a looming recession.

Canadian Bullion Services’ Chief Operating Officer, Daniel Kroll, believes that in order “to achieve financial success in today’s economic times, education in the markets is crucial. Precise execution is even more critical to preserve and grow your wealth.”

This powerful seminar touched on why the physical ownership of precious metals is a must for one’s investment portfolio and how to properly utilize leverage to maximize your return. Other topics included an introduction to the basics of precious metals ownership, whether to invest in bullion, coins, ETFs, or futures, how and where to store your bullion and coins, the risks and rewards of owning precious metals, and how to protect yourself with stop losses.

“Although previous metals have historically been used for capital preservation, we believe there is also significant potential for capital gains in these markets in today’s times” announced Kroll.

The seminar drew in over 30 attendees who all left with a better understanding of the precious metals financial market. After the success of this seminar, Canadian Bullion Services hopes to host more in future.

About Canadian Bullion Services: Canadian Bullion Services was established in order to provide individuals and businesses a vehicle to precious metals investing, while combining the lowest commissions and providing superior service for clients. Contact us to receive a free consultation on purchasing gold, silver, platinum, and palladium and review out weekly Bullion Update.