Barrick Gold vs. Physical Ownership

This week, Barrick Gold, the world’s leading gold producer, has been in the news as they reported their 4th quarter net loss.

Among other reasons, the company has lost share value due to:

  • Poor capital allocation 
  • Impairment charges 
  • 3.8 billion loss in its copper business 

 Yes, that’s right, 3.8 billion dollars lost in the copper business, isn’t the name of the company Barrick Gold?

These results bring to mind that many times, simple is better. The ownership of paper assets is inferior to owning the actual physical hard asset.

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Also just a reminder that the markets will be closed on Monday and will reopen Tuesday with the upcoming holidays. Wishing everyone an enjoyable long weekend, with Monday being Presidents Day in the U.S. and Family Day in parts of Canada.