Last week we saw the gold price drop and since then has been on a continual downward spiral. The gold price started the week off at 1323.32 USD/oz and fell to 1308.84 USD/oz by Wednesday. This a low we haven’t seen since the last week of June.These numbers are lower than expected and many believe it’s the growth of the american economy this month that’s been affecting the gold prices. Many believe that this hit to the gold price is short lived as the price of gold started to rise back up to 1313.70 USD/oz yesterday. The gold price today is 1325.03 USD/oz.

Our Advice

Our advice to you is to invest into gold now, before the gold price starts to rise again. The appetite for gold has grown tremendously over the past month, as the economy becomes cripple. Watch the markets regularly to see these temporary drops, and drastic rises. This will give you an idea of when to invest and when to sell.

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