After a drastic fall in prices the beginning of the month, the gold price seems to be making a slow but steady recovery as it hit a weekly high of 1273.35 USD/oz. Here is your weekly recap.

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The Slow and Steady Gold Price Climb (Gold Price Weekly Recap)

The gold price started the week off with slight drop with 1263.95 USD/oz, but had a drastic rise the next day as it hit above 1270 USD/oz. Since then, the gold price has had a slight drop, ending yesterday at 1267.99 USD/oz. The gold price today is 1277.95 USD/oz.

The Cause

With economic and political uncertainty, more than ever gold investors are watching the market price. The slight drop from last week’s closing price on Monday caused a growing demand, as many investors bought into the slight drop. This caused the gold price on Tuesday to have a drastic rise, but with everything that rises quickly, a fall is expected which occurred on Wednesday, with the gold price closing at 1266.64 USD/oz. 

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