After dropping to 1250.91 USD/oz last week Friday, the gold price is finally on its way back up. Here is your weekly recap for the week of October 17, 2016.

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Gold Price On Its Way Back Up (Gold Price Weekly Recap)

After ending the week at 1250.91 USD/oz last week, it seemed like the gold price was still struggling. But this week, gold hit above 1260 USD/oz by Wednesday, and hit a weekly high of 1268.84 USD/oz the next day. The gold price today is 1268.1 USD/oz.

The Cause

Many believe that the political uncertainty is the reason for this week rise. Until the future of monetary policy is decided, the price of gold will continue to fluctuate and many are predicting another hike in December. Right now, it seems that Hilary Clinton is in the lead which may cause a rise in interest rates, but it is still anyone’s game. 

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